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HPC Use Case Romania #1: Optimise ANSYS and other simulation software for aeronautical engineering o

High-Performance Computing can be used to create simulations, reducing the need for physical testing. It can perform large-scale computations in minutes instead of weeks or months, saving time and money. To better understand how HPC solutions are used in Romania, we have put together a list of use cases, each with a different application.

In this first article, we will present how PRO SYS and The National Research and Development Institute for Gas Turbines COMOTI succeeded in optimising ANSYS and other simulation software for aeronautical engineering on HPC with BeeGFS file system.

COMOTI operated an HPC cluster for five years, but its architecture was closed, and the system quickly reached its physical limits. COMOTI could no longer benefit from updates to the ANSYS HPC software suite, used to run simulations in engineering projects, which limited access to functionalities and work speed. Therefore, the Institute's management decided to run a new HPC project, which would provide superior computing power and ensure compatibility and allow the flexible addition of new nodes. The Institute wanted a technological platform that could be used in the long term so that the investment would have the best possible return.

PRO SYS' skills and experience in HPC projects enabled INCD COMOTI's new high-performance parallel computing infrastructure to be commissioned in less than a month.

After the completion of the project, PRO SYS also carried out an upgrade of the networking component of the infrastructure, ensuring the connectivity parameters necessary for optimal use of the cluster (through an Infiniband solution), as well as the implementation of a dedicated HPC architecture management application (Bright Cluster).

For COMOTI, the new high-performance parallel computing infrastructure has become a primary resource. According to the statements, it significantly contributed to winning over 50% of the research projects in the computational fluid dynamics analysis field (Computational Fluid Dynamics). For example, COMOTI ran the CFD analysis regarding the altitude simulation for hydrogen and liquid oxygen ejection within the Ariane 5ME/Ariane 6 program, satellite-carrying rockets built by EADS Astrium Space Transportation for the European Space Agency.

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