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HPC Use Case Romania #2: Using the HPC cluster opens up new business opportunities

High-Performance Computing can be employed for various purposes across multiple industries. HPC solutions can be deployed on-premises, at the edge, or in the cloud. To better understand how HPC solutions are used in Romania, we have put together a list of use cases, each with a different application.

The first article presented how PRO SYS and The National Research and Development Institute for Gas Turbines COMOTI optimized ANSYS and other simulation software for aeronautical engineering on HPC with BeeGFS file system.

The second one is about PRO SYS & CAELynx Europe, referring to how using the HPC cluster opens up new business opportunities.

CAELYNX Europe offers design, 3D modeling, and realistic digital simulation services in automotive, aerospace, energy, defense, medicine, etc. Finite element analyses, fluid dynamics simulations or injection of plastic masses, aerodynamic tests, etc., require much processing power to run quickly and efficiently. Therefore, CAELYNX Europe decided to develop a High Performance Computing cluster that would provide high processing power and enable the running of complex simulation models, a high level of parallelization of projects, and support long-term development.

Two different energy sources powered each HPC node through the topology proposed by PRO SYS. The project also included a cooling system (power 6 kW, 22,000BTU/h) with 1+1 redundancy. Also, the PRO SYS company ensured the installation of all the applications necessary to put the HPC cluster into production.

CAELYNX Europe has rapidly expanded its range of services on both business lines, which directly impacts revenue growth. Tests have shown that the time of running 3D modeling and realistic physical simulations is reduced several times, and the parallelization capacity increases considerably.

CAELYNX Europe can now run complex demos of Dassault solutions and show customers exactly what they can gain by using these applications. Previously the company could not support these demos and missed opportunities. CAELYNX management estimates an increase of at least 10% in sales of Dassault solutions over the next fiscal year. They are running Simulations and Analyzes in a shorter time and much higher complexity. The first projects showed that a complex fluid dynamics simulation that previously took two weeks was completed with the new HPC cluster in just a few days. Complementarily, the parallelization capacity has increased significantly in the structural analysis, and the company can support several contracts simultaneously. The gain in time and efficiency is significant and will lead to a profitable return fast HPC cluster. Also, the company can tackle highly complex projects, previously impossible to contract due to the lack of the necessary technology. Estimates show that by increasing the volume of services next year, CAELYNX Europe will generate additional revenues of at least 20%.

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